Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This was Corbin's second snow. I actually put this snowsuit someone gave me on him! I mean really, How cute is this snow angel?

This was actually Corbin's first snow! The sun was out and about to melt the snow so we ran outside and took a quick picture.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 Months Old

Corbin went for his 4 month shots this week. He weighs 15 lbs and 6 oz. He is 25 inches tall. She said he was great, except his head is a little big. I told her he gets it honestly (from his daddy!). She said it was time to start feeding cereal so that night we went home and fixed him some. He made the funniest faces while spitting out his first try at eating cereal. He also really watched the spoon and tried to help me put it in is his mouth.

I love those toes!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

On Monday, Andy, Corbin, and I went to Jonesboro and Grandpa did Corbin's 3 month pictures. He was in a great mood and did wonderful! He is really wanting to sit up and even stand now. He is starting to laugh out loud. It is so cute to hear! He will be 4 months old tomorrow...

Susan and Jackson got here at 5 on Thursday, which was Christmas Eve. We went to the Candlelight Service at church. It was beautiful. Jackson sat in the sound booth with his daddy and Susan held Corbin, of course!

We stayed at home all day on Christmas Day in our pajamas. It was so nice not to have to go anywhere. We played with all of the new toys and watched Christmas movies. Grandma, Grandpa, Gammy and Pop came from Jonesboro to see what Santa brought the kids.

On Saturday, we had the kids birthday party. We had a huge blow-up jumpy thing and invited a few close friends. The kids had a ball out in the cold and all!

On Sunday, we went to Jonesboro to have Christmas with all of Andy's family. It was a great day. We love it when everyone is here, we had someone extra special here this Christmas too, Gammy (the kids great-grandmother)!
Jackson decided that he liked Corbin more this trip (at Thanksgiving he thought he cried too much!). He even fed him. Susan would not put him down. I told her that when she left no one would be able to sit and hold him all day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Corbin got to play baby Jesus in our church children's Christmas program. In practice on Saturday, he didn't do so well. He screamed the first half of the practice, so I was very nervous about the actual program with LOTS of people watching. Turns out there was nothing to worry about! He slept the entire time and woke up happy to greet the people at the end of the program! He is such a good baby :)

He has the biggest prettiest eyes! I keep telling Andy that Corbin is going to grow up and wonder where his mama was, since I am the one always taking the pictures, I am never in them--so I randomly make Andy take pictures of us.

He has recently begun to want to stand up. He is turning into such a "big boy"! Speaking of "big boy", I guess next weekend he has to officially start sleeping in his own bed! He has still been sleeping in the bassinet in our room. Mrs. Moody says he loves his big boy bed at her house, so hopefully it will be an easy transition.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

We went to pick up Susan & Jackson in Little Rock. We all ate breakfast at IHOP and then got on the road. About 2 minutes in the car and and Corbin was fussing, Jackson said "He wants his mama"--I guess Corbin was getting on his nerves! We finally got home and Andy went to work. We headed to the mall to get the kids picture made with Santa. That was fun. The picture of Susan & Jackson was wonderful. Corbin was not happy! We came home and decorated the Christmas tree. This is the first time Susan & Jackson got to help us decorate. They loved it! Wednesday night, Jackson said "Dad I'm tired of him crying all the time!" Kids are so funny :) Jackson still wants to know when Corbin will be as big as him.

On Thursday, we got up and went to Jonesboro. None of the family knew the kids were gonna be with us. Andy, Corbin, and I came in the front door and the kids knocked on the back door. It was a great surprise. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all of Andy's family there. The only problem--Susan wouldn't let anyone hold her brother! She is such a little mama :) We finally got to take some real pictures of all of the kids together.

Friday, we got up and went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the kids hadn't got to see the new grizzly bear exhibit yet.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 Weeks Old

Corbin is just getting more fun by the day! He is sleeping from about 11 until 8. He wakes up in the best mood every morning. He wants food and then smiles, ewwws, and awwws! He is starting to actually laugh a little. He is spoiled rotten by me. Apparently he is wonderful when Mrs. Moody or daddy has him, but he demands that I hold him and fusses until I do! So naturally, with him growing so fast and me missing him so much during the day--he usually gets his way :) Even with him fussing sometimes, wanting to be held, he has to be the easiest baby. I could not have imagined having a baby this happy and easy to please. He was weighed and measured this morning and he weighs 12 lbs 3 oz and is 23 inches long at 11 weeks old. He is starting to grow out of his 3 month clothes. I still can't decide who he looks like....some days, I think he is a miniature Jackson and Andy; some days I see Doug in his facial expressions.

The dogs have been close, of course, but this is the first time we let Maggie up on the couch with us. I set Corbin on top of Maggie. She just turned around and licked him. I guess she was just excited to be on the couch. I helped Corbin pet Maggie.

Corbin has decided that he likes baths. He stretches out and loves the warm water. He is starting to kick and slides down the little mesh holder. However, he gets REALLY mad when you take him out of the bathtub to get him dressed. I guess its a little cold out there! The red outfit is officially his big-boy night nights. He has outgrown his infant gowns (oh how I love those things!).

Yes, I know this green outfit is kinda funny looking, but it is very special. It is 32 years old! This is an outfit that Andy wore when he was a baby. How cool is it, that Grandma Jackie still had it and gave it to us.